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  • Shutting down the forum

    We've decided to shut down the forum, as it was rarely used, and seems to have attracted the attention of a lot of spambots lately.

    We invite everyone to use our Github repo instead for reporting bugs, asking questions, submitting pull requests etc.

  • Whoops!

    Hey guys sorry for the down time. My credit card was recently stolen and I didn't realize it was attached to the registrar. The problem is solved and no data has been lost. Thanks for reaching out via…

  • 30 day challenges - Whoops!

    Hey guys! I pushed a "fix" yesterday, that was supposed to remove people who signed up for the 30 challenge, but never got further than 0 days, automatically. But, an oversight caused everyone to be r…

  • Points and streaks

    Hi guys! 4 changes: Streaks: It seems like the streaks are fairly stable finally! So we've added your current streak next to the "write" link in the top. Points: We've implemented a points system, loo…