Morning Pages Online

What is this site?
To put it simply, it’s a website in which you write. The more in-depth answer is writing three pages of stream of consciousness thought by hand every day. Although typing your Morning Pages goes against the traditional idea, we feel that it is still incredibly beneficial - especially for those who don't have access to a pen and paper every day at the same amount of time.
Isn't this just blogging?
No. In theory, other people read blogs. Your Morning Pages are meant for you and you alone. If you want people to read your writing, there are plenty of websites in which you can write and share your words with the world. Writing your Morning Pages before you start your day will give you a sense of clarity that you may not have had if you hadn't written them.
Can I write more than three pages?
Absolutely. You can write as much as you'd like. Julie Cameron, the creator of Morning Pages, suggests writers try and keep the length of their pages to as close to three pages as possible. Writing more than three pages regularly sometimes invites self-obsession which is something anyone should try and avoid. One doesn't see a therapist for as long as they'd like. They make an appointment that lasts an hour or so. Seeing a therapist for more than that might be unhealthy and counter-productive. This will allow you to reflect on the key points of what was discussed and this is no different than limiting the length of your Morning Pages.
Why did you make this site?
One of the co-creators of this website had a friend who learned about Morning Pages through a therapist he was seeing. Upon self-enlightenment he suggested the same to his friends. Thus this website was born.
When I write, I can't press the submit button. What gives?
The idea of Morning Pages is based off of writing three pages of stream of consciousness thought. It takes that long to get the brain juices flowing. We disable the submit button to prevent one from simply quitting when they feel they have enough written. The first 450-500 words can be easy but after that it takes a bit of work to complete the process. This is how one grows through the process of writing every day.
I was distracted and couldn't finish. Now everything I wrote is gone forever!
We do run an auto-save feature every ten or so seconds. This ensures that even if you don’t get around to writing three pages worth of text that you'll still have it for later. It does mean, however, that your streak will be broken and and badges you have earned based off of that streak may disappear.
Who are the creators of this website?
This site was made a collaboration through two strangers from Reddit. Eric Ellenbrook is a front end developer based out of Detroit, Michigan, USA and Daniel Valentin is a developer ninja based out of Denmark.
How do you make money?
We don't! We pay for this out of pocket. Although that's not ideal, we wanted a free service with no advertisements that people could use to write their Morning Pages. If you like the site then we ask that you share it! That is most important.
So you want me to give you all of the personal details of my life? No thanks!
We don't want you to give us anything. We want you to have an effortless way to write your Morning Pages. All of your posts are hashed and encrypted in our database, so even if an attacker does gain access to our database they will still not be able to read your posts. We do understand the fear however. We take privacy very seriously and although it might be a bit long, you can read our privacy policy for more information.
What kind of personal details of mine do you keep?
When you sign up the traditional way, we save your username, e-mail and (hashed) password. You'll only hear from us if you have e-mail reminders turned on or if you need to reset your password. We also log your IP address. We have to do this because we have a message board that is open to the public, so if someone posts something illegal we'll be able to IP ban that person and report the crime to the authorities if necessary. When you sign up through one of the social media options, we log your user ID (Twitter) or name (Facebook).
Can I change my username?
Under some circumstances we can change your username upon contacting us so if it's absolutely necessary we may be able to assist you. Unfortunately you cannot change your username. This would cause unnecessary work for something so trivial. This site is mostly about writing and your username is there just so you can anonymously post on the forum or even share your profile if you choose to have that option enabled.
I have an idea that I’d like to be implemented into Morning Pages.
Awesome. We're happy to hear any suggestions on how we can make Morning Pages better for everybody. If you post your suggestion in the Feedback section of the Morning Pages Talk area, we'll see it right away.
My question has not been answered.
If you find that your question hasn't been answered, you can head over to the Morning Pages Talk area and post your question in the Support section.